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Over the past 18 months, a partnership of healthcare organisations led by the General Medical Council (GMC), held a series of events to explore some of the challenges facing the medical profession today. This programme is called Medical professionalism matters. Six events were held across the UK – from Glasgow and Belfast, to Newcastle, Cardiff, […]


I love being a GP. It is challenging, varied and hugely satisfying over the last 25 years. It is also a job that has become ever more crucial to the future of the NHS. Our patients are getting older and their combinations of long term conditions more complicated. It is imperative that GPs are present […]

When you are up a creek, you never want to be without a PADDLE

Teaching medical students about how to handle mistakes, I find that nearly all are aware of the need to act immediately to minimise harm. Most remember the need to apologise and many involve a senior doctor. Some speak about changing their own practice in future but very few look at the broader picture to see […]

Six key questions for realistic medicine in 2016

As Chief Medical Officer (CMO) in Scotland I want to discuss the way that we are providing care to our population, and pose this challenging question: Is this the way that we want to practice as clinicians in 2016? Is there a better way of finding a more meaningful dialogue, are we prepared to cede […]

The importance of a scholarly outlook

Professor Patrick G Johnston MD PhD FMedSci delivered this article as the keynote at the Medical professionalism matters event, The doctor as a scholar, on Wednesday 03 February 2016, in Belfast. Introduction Terence, Niall, Colleagues, it is a real pleasure to join you this evening, not as Vice-Chancellor of Queen’s, and former Dean of Medicine, but as a […]

Asking questions, not playing a game of hiding

Professionalism is a word I am well acquainted with in medicine. But what does it mean to be a scholar? Going as a medical student to the ‘Medical Professionalism Matters: The Doctor as a Scholar’ event I was unsure what to expect. I was intrigued from the offset by the title. Is a scholar not […]

Pills and thermometer

More than research: being a doctor and a scholar

Gareth Lewis is a registrar in renal medicine and Clinical Leadership Fellow with GMC and RQIA on the ADEPT Programme. Ahead of the next Medical professionalism event in Belfast – ‘the doctor as a scholar’ – he argues that scholarship involves much more than clinical research. Outcome 1 of Tomorrow’s Doctors is the “doctor as […]

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