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Over the past 18 months, a partnership of healthcare organisations led by the General Medical Council (GMC), held a series of events to explore some of the challenges facing the medical profession today. This programme is called Medical professionalism matters. Six events were held across the UK – from Glasgow and Belfast, to Newcastle, Cardiff, […]

What do doctors recommend?

So how can doctors learn or cultivate resilience? Here are some of the suggestions made by doctors at our events: • IT’S GOOD TO TALK It’s vital to talk, especially to other professionals – that applies especially if you are a singlehanded GP. Doctors really appreciate talking to others, said Mike Peters, head of the […]

The resilient doctor

Possessing the necessary resilience to withstand the ceaseless pressures of today’s health service is more vital than ever. But what exactly is resilience? Is it an inherent characteristic? Or is it something that needs to be learnt? Some of the doctors we spoke to believe that it comes with the territory. In our survey over […]

Rest is not idleness

Rhiannon Barker is Head of Business Development at the Point of Care Foundation (POCF). Here she shares her thoughts about the Medical professionalism matters event in Manchester: ‘identifying sustainable solutions for the profession in the 21st century’. To kick off the debate the audience, made up predominantly of clinicians, were asked to respond to a […]

Round up: Resilience, patient centred professionalism and a letter from our Chair

Our top five reads of the week, to keep you up to date with the latest medical professionalism blogs and news from across the internet: Relationship centred professionalism: Dr Shannon Phillips considers relationship centred professionalism, “for me, professionalism is naively simple; it’s about relationships.” The vital signs: In this guide written by RMBF, Dr Richard Stevens sets […]

Round up: reassurance, accountability and patient involvement

Five quick links Here are our pick of the blogs on medical professionalism and healthcare this week: “Patients need a more active role in healthcare decision making” says Joan Saddler from NHS Confederation “For clinicians whose main job is listening, like GPs, – listening is a clinical skill that needs to be continually developed and practiced.” Jonathan […]

Looking after yourself so you can better care for others

Resilience is your ability to deal with the stresses of daily life inside and outside the work place, and is something you can train yourself to be better at. The Postgraduate Medical Education Team at Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Health Education North West has developed a quick, online video as a […]

Round up: #MHAW16, integrated care and views from chief execs

Five quick links It’s Mental Health Awareness Week and Twitter has been full of interesting and important discussions at #MHAW16. Vast majority of GPs concerned about child mental health services – Iona Twaddell reports for Pulse on the results of a poll of GPs in England. GPs like me can’t help mental health patients in 10 minutes […]

Round up: burnout, feedback and dying matters

Six quick links Could talking about physician burnout create more burnout? Kevin MD blogs about emotional contagion. Some US hospitals training doctors to avoid burnout – article in the Wall Street journal. Anxiety and the medical profession – doctors are human too, Jonathon Tomlinson blogs about the keynote from the recent Everyday Ethical Dilemmas in Healthcare Conference. How can […]

Identifying sustainable solutions for the profession in the 21st century

Medical professionalism in the UK has come a long way in recent years, while also going through significant change. With increasing pressures on the profession, not only in the UK but in many parts of the world, how can we work together to tackle the challenges and identify sustainable solutions for the 21st century? And […]

With your support we can tackle the stigma of asking for help

An alarming number of doctors experience mental health and wellbeing problems, yet most are unlikely to seek help for fear of discrimination from colleagues. Professor Roger Jones explains why the Royal Medical Benevolent Fund is aiming to raise awareness of this issue. A survey released this month by the Royal Medical Benevolent Fund (RMBF) has […]

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