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Over the past 18 months, a partnership of healthcare organisations led by the General Medical Council (GMC), held a series of events to explore some of the challenges facing the medical profession today. This programme is called Medical professionalism matters. Six events were held across the UK – from Glasgow and Belfast, to Newcastle, Cardiff, […]

The importance of a scholarly outlook

Professor Patrick G Johnston MD PhD FMedSci delivered this article as the keynote at the Medical professionalism matters event, The doctor as a scholar, on Wednesday 03 February 2016, in Belfast. Introduction Terence, Niall, Colleagues, it is a real pleasure to join you this evening, not as Vice-Chancellor of Queen’s, and former Dean of Medicine, but as a […]

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Poll – the doctor as a scholar

Please complete our short poll below. We will add the results to those from the scholar as a doctor event on 3 February 2016 and discuss them on this website and in the Medical professionalism matters report.

Asking questions, not playing a game of hiding

Professionalism is a word I am well acquainted with in medicine. But what does it mean to be a scholar? Going as a medical student to the ‘Medical Professionalism Matters: The Doctor as a Scholar’ event I was unsure what to expect. I was intrigued from the offset by the title. Is a scholar not […]

When does scholarship end, or why should it?

As I ploughed across Northern Ireland’s most extensive upland range on a gloomy February evening I had to ask myself, ‘Why are you doing this to yourself? You are a retired GP traveling nearly 100 miles to attend a GMC symposium on The Doctor as a Scholar; what is the GMC up to? Are they […]

Has medicine taken a turn towards darkness?

Part one (read part two) When we think of the doctor as scholar, we may imagine someone who is learned, curious, active in research – be it clinical or scientific, producing publications, endeavouring to evolve and advance the world of medicine and doing so with a high degree of ethical conduct and integrity and ultimately […]

Being the best me I can be – a doctor and a scholar

Rachel Cullen is a second year medical student at Queen’s University Belfast. In this blog she reflects on how she was inspired by the Doctor as a Scholar event in Belfast. Sometimes it is easy to become a medical student who accepts adequacy, knowing you are not the brightest in your year group. Medical training […]

Delegates discuss the issues with Prof Terence Stephenson, Chair of GMC

Photos from the doctor as a scholar in Belfast

In Belfast on 3 February 2016, we heard from doctors, medical students and other healthcare professionals about the value of scholarship in today’s health service. After an introduction by the GMC’s Chair, Professor Terence Stephenson and an insightful keynote speech by Professor Patrick Johnston, Vice Chancellor of Queen’s University Belfast, delegates were invited to debate […]

Catch up on the conversation at the doctor as a scholar event

On 3 February 2016, over 100 delegates and 5 guest panellists joined the GMC’s Chair and Chief Executive to discuss the challenges and benefits of being both a scholar and a doctor in today’s health service. Here, you can scroll through the summary of the conversation on Storify and use the comment section below – […]

Can you spell that? Combining medicine with scholarly activities

Dr Jim Morrow was a consultant neurologist at the Royal Group of Hospitals, Belfast and also an Honorary Clinical Lecturer with Queen’s University Belfast. Here, he writes about how he made a career out of combining medicine with scholarly activities. I feel so fortunate to have chosen a career as a medical practitioner. In retrospect, I […]

The doctor as a scholar event – Belfast, February 2016

We are holding a free event in Belfast on 3 February 2016. The doctor as a scholar will focus on a range of issues including innovation, research, teaching, mentoring and leadership. It is recommended for frontline doctors, medical educators, employers, medical students, patient representatives and other healthcare professionals. These events have been well received with […]

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