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Over the past 18 months, a partnership of healthcare organisations led by the General Medical Council (GMC), held a series of events to explore some of the challenges facing the medical profession today. This programme is called Medical professionalism matters. Six events were held across the UK – from Glasgow and Belfast, to Newcastle, Cardiff, […]

Rest is not idleness

Rhiannon Barker is Head of Business Development at the Point of Care Foundation (POCF). Here she shares her thoughts about the Medical professionalism matters event in Manchester: ‘identifying sustainable solutions for the profession in the 21st century’. To kick off the debate the audience, made up predominantly of clinicians, were asked to respond to a […]

Delegates discuss solutions at MPM Manchester

Catch up on the discussion at the identifying solutions event

On 12 July 2016, over 100 health and care professionals joined 5 guest panellists and the GMC’s Chief Executive, Niall Dickson, to share ideas for how to tackle the challenges clinical professionals face in their daily practice. This event built on the themes discussed throughout the Medical professionalism matters series, including compassion, collaboration and patient […]

Identifying sustainable solutions for the profession in the 21st century

Medical professionalism in the UK has come a long way in recent years, while also going through significant change. With increasing pressures on the profession, not only in the UK but in many parts of the world, how can we work together to tackle the challenges and identify sustainable solutions for the 21st century? And […]

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