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Over the past 18 months, a partnership of healthcare organisations led by the General Medical Council (GMC), held a series of events to explore some of the challenges facing the medical profession today. This programme is called Medical professionalism matters. Six events were held across the UK – from Glasgow and Belfast, to Newcastle, Cardiff, […]

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Round up: debating ethics & empowering communities to care

Here are the blogs and podcasts that got us thinking this week. What do you make of them? Add your comments below or share your favourite pieces from the week. If it’s everyone’s business, let’s make a plan – Pamela Levack, Medical Director at the charity PATCH, makes the case for joint working in palliative […]

An ancient idea inspiring innovative enhancement to medical education?

Sabena Jameel, a GP and Associate Dean for GP Education based in Birmingham, talks about her current PhD studies looking at the intellectual virtue of Phronesis (Practical Wisdom) as it relates to medical education and work as a GP. Wednesday evening, and I am sitting on the side-lines of the dojo watching ‘the Master’ sow […]

Identifying sustainable solutions for the profession in the 21st century

Medical professionalism in the UK has come a long way in recent years, while also going through significant change. With increasing pressures on the profession, not only in the UK but in many parts of the world, how can we work together to tackle the challenges and identify sustainable solutions for the 21st century? And […]

Round up: end of life care and the doctor’s new dilemma

Five quick links Practise what you preach: health behaviours and stress among non-consultant hospital doctors – from the Journal of the Royal College of Physicians The doctor’s new dilemma – Suzanne Koven, M.D offers her perspective in The New England Journal of Medicine Friday – Roy Lilley discusses two ‘killer topics’: the junior doctors strike and […]

Round up: improving cancer care, burnout, pressures and EoLC

Four quick links Improving cancer care for older people – Dr Shane O’Hanlon (@DrOHanlon) blogs about the need for a collaborative approach to improve outcomes for older people with cancer. Hospitals told to cut staff amid spiralling NHS cash crisis – Denis Campbell (@Denis_Campbell) in The Guardian Doctors, burnout and the other side – Dr […]

Round up: cash crisis, ageism, FGM and patient centred care

Four quick links: You know you are a Geriatrician when…you ignore ‘date of birth’ – Clare Bostock blogs about compassion and ageism Health professionals worldwide lack knowledge of female genital mutilation – Zosia Kmietowicz article in the BMJ NHS rationing ‘is denying patients care’ as cash crisis deepens – Denis Campbell in the Guardian Care […]

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Round up: FTP, FGM, leadership and end of life care

Four quick links: Joe Davis, Pulse wrote about the GMC’s appointment of Professor Louis Appleby ‘to interrogate its fitness-to-practise procedures to ensure that it is more ‘compassionate and sensitive’ to the needs of vulnerable doctors.’ Over 1,000 cases of FGM reported in a quarter ‘clinicians working in midwifery, obstetrics and gynaecology services reported the majority of […]

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Video – the doctor’s dilemma

At the medical professionalism matters event in Newcastle on 9 September 2015 we looked at the ethical dilemmas doctors face in their work. Discussions centred around the teaching and limits of ethics, confidentiality, consent and safeguarding, and being open when things go wrong. Find out what doctors, students and educators from the North East told […]

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To be or not to be (good): ethical practice in medicine

The ThinkTank space at the Science Museum in Birmingham was buzzing last Wednesday evening as doctors, patients (and let us not forget that there is considerable overlap between these two categories), educators, students and more gathered to discuss the concept of ‘the good doctor’. I began by turning my talk to something that, on the […]

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