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Over the past 18 months, a partnership of healthcare organisations led by the General Medical Council (GMC), held a series of events to explore some of the challenges facing the medical profession today. This programme is called Medical professionalism matters. Six events were held across the UK – from Glasgow and Belfast, to Newcastle, Cardiff, […]

Round up: EOLC, professional standards, accountability and realistic medicine

Here are the stories that got us talking this week: Isn’t palliative care just for people near the end of their lives? Dr Clare Rayment, Consultant in Palliative Care at the Marie Curie Hospice, Bradford, looks at some of the common myths about palliative care, and explains why it’s important to understand who should get it, and […]

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Round up: professionalism, shared decision making and collaboration

Here are some of the stories that caught our eye this week: Professionalism: notes for physicians in training – Angela Jarman is a graduating Chief Resident of the University of Utah. In addition to a few very important mentors, she blames her mother, a school principal, for her ideas of professionalism. Patients should be more […]

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Round up: debating ethics & empowering communities to care

Here are the blogs and podcasts that got us thinking this week. What do you make of them? Add your comments below or share your favourite pieces from the week. If it’s everyone’s business, let’s make a plan – Pamela Levack, Medical Director at the charity PATCH, makes the case for joint working in palliative […]

Round up: EoLC skills, funding matters & equality in training

Here are four blogs that got us thinking this week: End-of-life care: getting it right for more people, more of the time – Dr David Oliver blogs about why good palliative care skills should be everyone’s business for The King’s Fund. Staffing matters; funding counts – The Health Foundation reports on the greatest threats to […]

Building bridges; breaking barriers: Integrated care for older people

Effective integrated care has been a national policy ambition for many years. At CQC we have just published our report on integrated care for older people Building Bridges breaking barriers, looking at how well health and social care services work together to deliver integrated care for older people. People who have complex needs, and rely […]

Round up: compassionate leadership & listening to patients

Four quick links Here are our top reads in healthcare this week: One Practice Journey – the view is getting brighter – Dr Heather Wetherell blogs about how her practice’s innovative approach to appointments has improved patient care and GP wellbeing. Compassion – not bullying – is the path to improving NHS care – The King’s Fund’s […]

A different ending: reflections on CQC report on end of life care

At the CQC we have just published our new thematic report, A different ending: Addressing inequalities in end of life care, which examines the experiences of end of life care for different population groups in 44 clinical commissioning group areas across England. Good end of life care for everyone needs to be a priority#DifferentEnding @NCPC_tweets#BigConversation […]

Round up: End of life care, leadership and patient safety

Ahead of Dying Matters week  Dr Kirsty Boyd, a consultant in palliative medicine in Edinburgh, writes about her experience of advanced care planning and dealing with uncertainty when providing end of life care. GP career flow: Miles Mack on RCGP Scotland’s idea to tackle to GP recruitment crisis by looking at actions that will be effective from the start […]

Round up: stigma, investment, training

Five quick links: With your support we can tackle the stigma of doctors asking for help – Professor Roger Jones from the Royal medical Benevolent Fund writes on GP online. Accountable care organisations (ACOs) explained – here the King’s Fund explains what an ACO is and what needs to be done to ensure they deliver […]

Round up: junior doctors, empathy, safety and social care

Seven quick links: How ripple effect of doctor row could be toxic Nick Triggle, BBC Health Correspondent on the fallout from the junior doctors dispute In the junior doctors dispute neither side wants to settle, both want a fight Roy Lilley writes on the Guardian Healthcare website The art of treating a patient who doesn’t want […]

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