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  1. Edmund Dunstan says:

    The comments summarized from the workshops ring very true in describing the state of being a doctor today. The recommendations summarized however suggest more of the same things – changes in formal education, emphasis on “leadership”, appraisal and revalidation – that have already failed us, and laid largely unproductive burdens on the profession.
    Professionalism is an attitude of mind – that the job comes first because it’s a job worth doing. In my experience junior military doctors have tended to show this more clearly than their civilian equivalents. The recent junior doctors dispute shows how much it has been eroded, under a culture of entitlement to defined hours and domination by the requirements of organizations – Trusts, Deaneries etc. rather than the service of patients. Undoing this requires addressing the discontents identified as a first step to improve morale and reverse the culture that is making medicine just a job.

    • Dr Pijush Ray says:

      Thank you for your comments Dr Dunstan. I cannot agree with you more that Professionalism in Medicine is about compassionate and competent delivery of medicine. There is more emphasis in some quarters about the rights than the responsibilities of doctors. We seem to have forgotten the old adage ‘service before self’. The profession is over-regulated, under staffed and under-funded. Compassion is being replaced by disillusionment and learned helplessness. When I look around and find compassionate, caring colleagues working tirelessly for the general good of their patients, I know there is hope for this noble profession.

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