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The doctor’s dilemma

Round up: talking to your patient’s family and friends

Here are the stories that got us talking this week: User feedback in maternity services – This report from The King’s Fund looks at what maternity services are doing locally to collect, analyse and act on user feedback. It describes the challenges of adopting the different approaches and highlights the features of organisations that are successful […]

Round up blog

Round up: professionalism, shared decision making and collaboration

Here are some of the stories that caught our eye this week: Professionalism: notes for physicians in training – Angela Jarman is a graduating Chief Resident of the University of Utah. In addition to a few very important mentors, she blames her mother, a school principal, for her ideas of professionalism. Patients should be more […]

Rest is not idleness

Rhiannon Barker is Head of Business Development at the Point of Care Foundation (POCF). Here she shares her thoughts about the Medical professionalism matters event in Manchester: ‘identifying sustainable solutions for the profession in the 21st century’. To kick off the debate the audience, made up predominantly of clinicians, were asked to respond to a […]

Holding hands

Round up: debating ethics & empowering communities to care

Here are the blogs and podcasts that got us thinking this week. What do you make of them? Add your comments below or share your favourite pieces from the week. If it’s everyone’s business, let’s make a plan – Pamela Levack, Medical Director at the charity PATCH, makes the case for joint working in palliative […]

Round up: FGM, End-of-life care and new interactive tool for healthcare professionals!

Five quick links Here are our pick of the stories in healthcare this week: Article in the independent, LGBT people face ‘devastating’ discrimination in end-of-life healthcare research warns. More than 1,200 FGM cases recorded across England in three months – Read the article here. Decision making when patients may lack capacity – New interactive tool […]

Round up: #MHAW16, integrated care and views from chief execs

Five quick links It’s Mental Health Awareness Week and Twitter has been full of interesting and important discussions at #MHAW16. Vast majority of GPs concerned about child mental health services – Iona Twaddell reports for Pulse on the results of a poll of GPs in England. GPs like me can’t help mental health patients in 10 minutes […]

Round up: end of life care and the doctor’s new dilemma

Five quick links Practise what you preach: health behaviours and stress among non-consultant hospital doctors – from the Journal of the Royal College of Physicians The doctor’s new dilemma – Suzanne Koven, M.D offers her perspective in The New England Journal of Medicine Friday – Roy Lilley discusses two ‘killer topics’: the junior doctors strike and […]

Holding hands

Round up: care for older people, junior doctors, scholarship and FGM

Four quick links When does scholarship end? And why should it? Dr Paddy McEvoy reflects on the link between scholarship and medical practice The Department of Health have updated their guidance for health professionals on how to report FGM Top 10 things we can do to improve care for older people right now  Dr Shane O’Hanlon blogs […]

Round up: improving cancer care, burnout, pressures and EoLC

Four quick links Improving cancer care for older people – Dr Shane O’Hanlon (@DrOHanlon) blogs about the need for a collaborative approach to improve outcomes for older people with cancer. Hospitals told to cut staff amid spiralling NHS cash crisis – Denis Campbell (@Denis_Campbell) in The Guardian Doctors, burnout and the other side – Dr […]

Round up: cash crisis, ageism, FGM and patient centred care

Four quick links: You know you are a Geriatrician when…you ignore ‘date of birth’ – Clare Bostock blogs about compassion and ageism Health professionals worldwide lack knowledge of female genital mutilation – Zosia Kmietowicz article in the BMJ NHS rationing ‘is denying patients care’ as cash crisis deepens – Denis Campbell in the Guardian Care […]

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