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The doctor as a scholar

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Round up – Medical professionalism stories from across the internet this week

Here’s some of the stories that caught our eye this week: One in seven GPs experience suicidal thoughts due to workload stress -An article reporting on the recent survey carried out by mental health charity Mind. Rest is not idleness. Rhiannon Barker, Head of Business Development at the Point of Care Foundation shares her thoughts about […]

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Round up: Brexit, learning from incidents & tackling bias

Seven quick links Here’s our pick of this week’s blogs and podcasts on medical professionalism and healthcare: I’m not UK born and bred – will my patients now care? – A Swedish doctor working in the NHS writes about feeling unwelcome in the wake of Brexit. Be well and be a better critical care physician – In […]

An ancient idea inspiring innovative enhancement to medical education?

Sabena Jameel, a GP and Associate Dean for GP Education based in Birmingham, talks about her current PhD studies looking at the intellectual virtue of Phronesis (Practical Wisdom) as it relates to medical education and work as a GP. Wednesday evening, and I am sitting on the side-lines of the dojo watching ‘the Master’ sow […]

Round up: reassurance, accountability and patient involvement

Five quick links Here are our pick of the blogs on medical professionalism and healthcare this week: “Patients need a more active role in healthcare decision making” says Joan Saddler from NHS Confederation “For clinicians whose main job is listening, like GPs, – listening is a clinical skill that needs to be continually developed and practiced.” Jonathan […]

The importance of a scholarly outlook

Professor Patrick G Johnston MD PhD FMedSci delivered this article as the keynote at the Medical professionalism matters event, The doctor as a scholar, on Wednesday 03 February 2016, in Belfast. Introduction Terence, Niall, Colleagues, it is a real pleasure to join you this evening, not as Vice-Chancellor of Queen’s, and former Dean of Medicine, but as a […]

The doctor as a scholar: Restoring truth and integrity

Part two In part one, Has medicine taken a turn towards darkness?,  I raised the concerns echoed by eminent editors of leading medical journals (The Lancet and NEJM) that science had taken a turn toward darkness, with evidence of financial impropriety, conflicts of interest, poorly conducted and biased research and much more. It is up […]

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Poll – the doctor as a scholar

Please complete our short poll below. We will add the results to those from the scholar as a doctor event on 3 February 2016 and discuss them on this website and in the Medical professionalism matters report.

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Video from Belfast – the doctor as a scholar

Find out what doctors in Belfast told us about medical professionalism in their daily practice and add your experiences in the comments section below. Questions that came up at the event include ‘what are the barriers to being a scholar?’, ‘what makes a good mentor?’ and ‘do doctors really need to be scholars?’ Interviewees include: Dr Lauren […]

Asking questions, not playing a game of hiding

Professionalism is a word I am well acquainted with in medicine. But what does it mean to be a scholar? Going as a medical student to the ‘Medical Professionalism Matters: The Doctor as a Scholar’ event I was unsure what to expect. I was intrigued from the offset by the title. Is a scholar not […]

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