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Exploring the real life challenges experienced by today’s medical professionals and providing support that doctors want and need

About Good doctors

Leaflet from an event to discuss the doctor's dilemma

Welcome to Good doctors – the digital hub for the Medical professionalism matters programme. This site is a space where you can have an open and honest discussion and debate about the very real challenges that so many doctors are facing today.

Medical professionalism matters was developed by a group of healthcare organisations, led by the General Medical Council, to help us better understand the challenges you face and share ideas and best practice for tackling them.

This site brings together the discussions and ongoing dialogue prompted during the Medical professionalism matters series in 2015-16 – such as resilience, compassion and collaboration.

Your views have also contributed to the Medical professionalism matters report, which reflects doctors own impressions of the state of medical professionalism in the UK today and gives recommendations for actions to take in the future.

Whether you’re a doctor, medical student, educator or other healthcare professional, please read the report and share your thoughts on our posts, submit your own blog post or contact us privately.

If you’re already addressing these challenges, we’d love to hear from you so please let us know how it’s going.

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