• Introduction from Martha Lane Fox

    This is an online archive of  views shared as a result of a public call for feedback from Martha Lane Fox for her independent review of Directgov, conducted over the summer of 2010. The review has now concluded.

    Following the announcement that Directgov has joined Cabinet Office, I’m leading a review of the service to assess how it can be transformed and redirected to further drive efficiencies in the online delivery of public services.

    I’ve asked a small group of advisors from business and the public sector to assist me with the review, and I’ve asked Transform to gather feedback from users and anyone with a view on Government digital service delivery on how things should change. It’s not often you get the opportunity to step back and assess how things should be different, so I’m interested in all ideas – particularly the radical and off-the-wall.

    There are four key questions we’re exploring (presented in the column to the right of this one), and you can add your comments on the page for each one. If you’d prefer to give feedback privately, you can email directgovreview@betransformative.com

    These feedback routes remain open until Friday 3 September.

    This is an independent review for which I’m seeking general feedback, so while I can promise that the Transform team will read each piece of feedback received, I can’t promise to acknowledge all feedback or to include it in the final review proposals.

    Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts, and thanks to Helpful Technology for lending us use of this platform free of charge.