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Report of the Digital Government Review

The Prize of Digital Government

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Throughout this review we will set out a vision for a new kind of digital government.

We believe that digital transformation provides the opportunity to build a new type of government and to deliver it in a cost-effective way, a way that simplifies and automates many processes.

Much of the preliminary work for this transformation has been performed but there is a lot left to do to both complete the transformation and to ensure that it includes everybody; that it improves public services; that it improves the wider economy and builds participation through increased trust, accountability and by listening to what people need – rather than just telling them what the government wants them to hear or do.

This transformation can represent not only a model for efficiency and accountability, but also a major prize for democracy itself, with enduring benefits to be won within every citizen’s relationship with the state.

This is digital designed for people and communities, not digital for government. It is an approach to digital that we believe people will trust and will choose to use; and that they will choose to participate in as citizens rather than simply find it imposed upon them.

At the same time, we recognize that we are in a time when the public sector faces severe financial constraints. Money is tight, yet public services also face increased demands: as a result of both changing demographics and rising expectations. Our public services will have to be affordable in this environment. New investments will be expected to show that they can be funded through defined benefits; that this new more cost-effective government can fund better public services.

To show how this can be achieved, we have first defined our desired outcomes, clearly setting out what we mean by improved public services as well as more cost effective delivery. The task, then, is to achieve these outcomes by effectively identifying and managing the benefits and risks.

“Given the impact that technology is having on every aspect of our lives, it is inconceivable that the public will forgive politicians for failing to properly harness its potential to improve public services too.” – Large Company

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