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Report of the Digital Government Review

How we get there

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As we have outlined above – and discuss in detail throughout the report – making the most of the opportunity digital presents demands a new approach. It must be flexible, adapting to new opportunities and risks as they arise. It needs to grow from the ground, harnessing the creativity of people and communities around the country rather than being designed in and for Whitehall.

It needs to be a truly national programme involving people and communities, universities and research institutions, the third sector and the private sector. It should also be open and transparent, so that all are encouraged to contribute, monitor progress and make suggestions.

Throughout the rest of this document we set out a series of recommendations to achieve this prize.

Before we do so, however, let us begin with one recommendation that necessarily comes before the rest: leadership. Driving a programme of change through the complex machinery of government will require Cabinet-level leadership; but it also requires individual departments to understand the power and challenges of using digital technologies to transform their services.

The drive must come from across government, not just from one department. Digital is not an optional extra, to “do” or not as resources permit. It is a part of every brief: a question of countless contexts to be negotiated, each bearing a portion of the prize.

Recommendation 1

Priority: High

Retain Cabinet Level leadership for digital transformation but with individual Secretaries of State in key departments (DWP, HMRC, DfE, DEFRA, DCLG, Transport, MoJ, Health) leading in their own areas.

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