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Report of the Digital Government Review

Vision: moving forwards

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These are significant risks and challenges, and more may be identified, but this does not mean that we should not be heading in this direction. Instead we can plan mitigating activities and proceed with knowledge of the risks that we are accepting.

The current Government has hinted at a direction of travel towards a common architecture and a platform but has made no firm statements and has made little progress in defining common architectures, open standards, or the principles for defining such a platform.

This is a unique challenge but the potential benefits in enabling reuse and encouraging public sector organisations to work together are too great to ignore.

Recommendation 24

Priority: High

Government should develop a common architectural model and platform based on open standards.

The Cabinet Office would be the right organisation to lead on such an initiative but must collaborate closely with other stakeholders, not impose a single view.

We would expect that it would need to develop and work with a wide community to understand existing components and to produce a view on how to progress down the platform path.

The first step would be to engage with people who have proven success in developing architecture and reuse in both the private and public sector to define a roadmap of what is possible and to shape the first phase of a journey towards a leveraged, flexible, enabling architecture.

“A holistic approach is needed…It is necessary to consider people, process and technology. In some ways, technology is the most straightforward, and people and processes are likely to be the biggest challenges” – Local Authority

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