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Report of the Digital Government Review

People-powered services: making it the way we work

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Coupling these recommendations with the best practice for central government in the Government Digital Service (GDS) Service Design manual we can start to sketch a model for producing more people-powered services across the public sector, not just in the centre:

  • Building digital communities for people and communities
  • Using these communities to gather needs and feedback for potential services to be digitized
  • Prioritising service development based on community feedback, performance, data, societal value and policy priorities
  • Communicating an open roadmap of service development activities
  • Performing detailed user research according to existing guidelines
  • Publicising and running open and transparent processes with the community while designing, building and testing a new service through Discovery, Alpha and Beta phases
  • Ensuring that every service has an API, with accompanying consumption model and security
  • Forming digital communities as support networks to provide continuing guidance and assistance to both the public sector and the people that use the service

We are not naïve enough to think that we can design a new process in isolation. It will need real deliveries and involvement from the many practitioners around the country to turn this sketch into best practice.

Although not clearly stated it appears to us that it is a policy decision that GDS should concentrate on central government and not incorporate these potential needs, techniques and best-practice for local government into the service design manual. GDS should be allowed and encouraged to work more closely with these groups.

We will expand on this more in the next chapter.

Recommendation 18

Priority: High

Government Digital Service (GDS) should be given the remit to work with local government

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