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Report of the Digital Government Review

Open on the inside: breaking down barriers

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We have already stated the need for more collaborative working across government. This starts with leadership from the top that breaks down organisational silos so that our best experts can work together to tackle complex problems with high social value. The need to break down silos appears to be well accepted [175].

Decentralised communities of specialists will also help to break down these silos but there are also hierarchical boundaries within government. This is natural in every large organisation.

To go further, to help ideas surface and be treated equally regardless of which grade they come from we should allow civil servants to anonymously submit ideas and comments on programmes.

Recommendation 34

Priority: Medium

Provide civil servants with the ability to anonymously comment on projects and provide ideas for improvements

“A single, senior individual as leader would help to co-ordinate policy and raise the profile of the digital agenda across all parts of government. This would also provide a senior challenge to departments on their progress, and a stronger position for securing resources” – Professional body


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