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Report of the Digital Government Review

The Review process


The background to why we did this, how we compiled this report and who we spoke to



A short summary overview of our recommendations

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How to get involved with the next phase of the discussion and give us your feedback on the report

About this report

Over the last 8 months the Digital Government Review team has looked at many aspects of government’s digital responsibility, this is the review’s report and recommendations – Making Digital Government Work for Everyone.

This is the final report of the Digital Government Review. An independent review to the Labour Party commissioned by Chi Onwurah MP – the Labour Shadow Minister for Digital Government, Cybersecurity and Social Enterprise.

The report was produced by a process that included a formal call for evidence, online surveys, public events and numerous meetings with people and organisations. Over 2,200 responses were received and considered. Our thanks go to those who helped organize and host events and those who submitted their thoughts and ideas and contributed effort in other ways.

The report has been submitted to the Labour Party’s policy review but the process does not stop here and you can continue to make your views heard.

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