Registering a pharmacy with us

In this section we explain our proposed model for registering pharmacies. The model is based on a two stage approach – an eligibility to register test followed by a compliance test.

This section also describes the pharmacy services that the owner must provide for those premises to be eligible for registration as a pharmacy.

When we spoke with pharmacy professionals and stakeholders while developing our proposals, they stressed the importance of being clear about the premises that need to be registered with us, and therefore that need to meet our new standards. This section provides information on how we propose to make those decisions.

We also want to be clear about the circumstances which would lead to conditional registration, and that is set out here


Our proposals

We intend using a two stage approach for the registration, or renewal, of registered pharmacies:

  • Stage 1: An eligibility test
  • Stage 2: A compliance test

The eligibility test is based on our interpretation of medicines legislation – you can read more in the glossary

The compliance test is based on the standards for registered pharmacies being met.

Our approach is designed to provide clarity for those considering whether they could, or should, register premises as pharmacies. Where there is a need, or wish, to register, our criteria will provide an indication of whether the application is likely to succeed.

The registration model

Applying the Eligibility Test

Our primary concern is the safe and effective delivery of pharmacy practice. We know that various service models exist within pharmacy.  The section below sets out some of these and explains how the eligibility test would apply.

We have based the eligibility test on the legal definition of a retail pharmacy business (Section 132 of the Medicines Act 1968) and the legal requirements for the sale or supply of pharmacy and prescription only medicines(Section 52 of the Medicines Act 1968).

. Therefore to decide if the application would pass the eligibility test, we will ask ourselves the following question:

‘Will the pharmacy services include the sale of pharmacy medicines for human use and/or the supply of prescription only medicines for human use against a prescription?’

If the answer to this question is no, we will not register the premises as a registered pharmacy.

On this basis, in the future we will not register premises where the service consists solely of:

  1. the sale or supply of medicines for animal use
  2. the sale or supply of herbal or homeopathic medicines that are available on general sale
  3. the wholesale of medicines for human use
  4. the supply of medicines in a hospital made in the course of the business of that hospital;
  5. providing healthcare advice and information
  6. the sale of medicines available on general sale, or
  7. the manufacture and wholesale of medicines.

Further information about these definitions can be read in the glossary

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