Principle 5

The equipment and facilities that are available are safe and suitable.

The availability of safe and suitable equipment and facilities is fundamental to the provision of pharmacy services and is essential for staff to safeguard the health, safety and wellbeing of patients and the public when providing effective pharmacy services.



5.1       All equipment and facilities that are needed for the services provided are readily available at the registered pharmacy

5.2       The equipment and facilities at the registered pharmacy are:

  • obtained from a reputable source
  • safe to use
  • stored securely
  • appropriately maintained
  • suitable for the intended purpose.


5.3       The equipment and facilities are used in a way that protects the privacy and dignity of the patients and the public who receive pharmacy services

5.4       There are systems in place to reduce the impact on patients and the public if any of the equipment or facilities fail.


Compliance indicators

The following are examples of how you can demonstrate that you have taken steps to meet the standards:

  • you identify the equipment and facilities needed to provide safe and effective services, taking into account for example:
    –       the services provided
    –       the presence of a pre-registration trainee pharmacist
  • reliable, up-to-date pharmacy reference sources are available
  • the source of your equipment is reputable
  • the equipment and facilities are properly installed and maintained to make sure they are in proper working order
  • you listen and respond to feedback from your staff, and the patients and public who use your pharmacy, on the availability and usefulness of equipment and facilities
  • there are adequate back-ups for all the systems you use and a procedure in place if there is a loss of utility services to minimise risks to patient safety and disruption of patient care
  • you consider how and where equipment and facilities are placed and used in the pharmacy.


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