Principle 3

The premises where pharmacy services are provided, and any associated premises, are safe and suitable.

It is important that patients and the public receive pharmacy services from premises that are suitable for the pharmacy services and which protect and maintain their health, safety and wellbeing. To achieve this you must make sure that all premises where pharmacy services are provided are safe and suitable. Any associated premises, for example non-registered premises used to store medicines, must also comply with these standards where applicable.



3.1       The premises that pharmacy services are provided from are safe and properly maintained

3.2       The size, design and layout of the premises are suitable for the pharmacy services provided

3.3       The design and layout of the premises protect the privacy, dignity and confidentiality of patients and the public who receive pharmacy services

3.4       The premises are maintained to an appropriate level of cleanliness and hygiene

3.5       The pharmacy services are accessible to people who want to use them

3.6       The premises are secure and safeguarded from unauthorised access

3.7       Pharmacy services are provided in an environment that is appropriate for the provision of healthcare.


Compliance indicators

The following are examples of how you can demonstrate that you have taken steps to meet the standards:

  • you consider the volume of work and work flow through the dispensary and develop procedures to reduce risks
  • you consider how to provide services in a professional and safe manner
  • there is sufficient and appropriate storage space in the premises
  • there are procedures in place to keep the premises hygienic and clean
  • show how and where private and confidential discussions and consultations are carried out with patients and members of the public
  • you consider the needs of all patients and members of the public who come into the premises and use pharmacy services, and make reasonable adjustments or make alternative arrangements for service provision
  • you identify and manage any risks that are specific to the premises
  • the security systems you have in place are specific to your registered pharmacy to prevent unauthorised access and safeguard your staff, patients and the public, and the medicines, medical devices and other substances kept on the premises
  • patients and the public, staff and others, are safeguarded from any repairs or maintenance work that may affect their safety.



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