Principle 2

Staff are empowered and competent to safeguard the health, safety and wellbeing of patients and the public.

The staff you employ and the people you work with are key to the safe and effective practice of pharmacy. Staff members, and anyone involved in providing pharmacy services, must be competent and empowered to safeguard the health, safety and wellbeing of patients and the public in all that they do.



2.1       Staff have the appropriate skills, qualifications and competence for their role and the tasks they carry out, or are working under the supervision of another person while they are in training

2.2       Staff can meet their own professional and legal obligations and are empowered to exercise their professional judgement in the best interests of patients and the public

2.3       Staff are empowered to raise concerns about meeting these standards, and other aspects of pharmacy services if they think that patient safety is or may be compromised

2.4       Incentives or targets do not compromise patient safety or the professional judgement of staff

2.5       There are enough suitably qualified, skilled staff for the safe and effective provision of the pharmacy services provided

2.6       There is a culture of openness, honesty and learning.


Compliance indicators

The following are examples of how you can demonstrate that you have taken steps to meet the standards:

  • you verify the qualifications of, and carry out relevant checks on, all staff you employ
  • staff understand their individual roles and responsibilities, and those of the other members of their team, as well as the limits on these
  • staff have access to the training they need and have any approved training their duties require
  • you identify the essential elements of training for each role and have evidence that staff have done the training
  • you review the progress and performance of staff, particularly trainees, for example through appraisal, and give honest and constructive feedback
  • employment policies and contracts make it clear that staff are empowered to exercise their professional judgement in the interests of patients, the public and other staff members
  • staff with management and control responsibilities have the genuine authority they need to live up to their legal and professional duties
  • all staff understand that healthcare professionals who provide services for the pharmacy have their own legal and professional obligations
  • you consider the number of staff and the skill mix that are needed for the safe and effective provision of pharmacy services, communicate this to staff and take reasonable steps to deal with any of their concerns
  • you encourage and consider the feedback or views of staff about the provision of pharmacy services
  • staff report and record mistakes and near misses and learn from them
  • you have a procedure for staff to raise concerns about poor practice or if they feel that the actions of others are putting patients or the public at risk, for example a whistle-blowing policy
  • policies and practice clearly show that staff who raise concerns about patient safety will be supported
  • targets and incentives for staff have no adverse effect on the safety and quality of services.


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