Compliance through conditional registration

We have legal powers(Section 74D of the Medicines Act 1968) to impose and/or change conditions on premises applying to be registered as a pharmacy, applying for renewal or restoration to the register. These powers are to be used ‘for the purpose of securing the safe and effective practice of pharmacy at those premises’.

We have reflected on the range of applications we have received in the past and have identified a number of situations where we think it will be appropriate to impose conditions on registered pharmacies. These are:

1.      Initial application to register a pharmacy

If an application meets both stage 1 and stage 2 of an application process, we may impose a condition that registration will be subject to the registered pharmacy being open, operating and trading by a certain date.

2.      Temporary premises

On occasion, we receive applications for temporary pharmacies to be registered. This may be because of an exhibition, for example at the Birmingham NEC, a festival, such as Glastonbury or sporting or leisure activity like Wimbledon. We will impose a condition that the pharmacy will only be registered for a short time before, during and after the event.

3.      Closed premises

We receive applications for registration of pharmacies that do not have premises that are open for patients and the public to visit in person. These are referred to as ‘closed premises’ and will often be mail order or internet pharmacies. We will impose a condition that the premises cannot open for patients and the public to visit in person unless we are notified so that we can decide if our standards continue to be met.


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