We need a venue!

Now Government has less money to spend on traditional marketing, it’s a great time to explore how sustained, two-way partnerships with online communities can help government and citizens communicate better, more openly, and more cheaply.

It can be hard for government clients and agencies to know how to work with online communities and what they can offer, beyond media space or one-off events like webchats. But the fact is, communities are a rich source of ideas and expertise, and the places where they come together online can be exciting space for discussion and problem-solving, as well as a source of peer support, market research feedback and mentoring.

So we’re planning a free, one-off networking and discovery event in October 2010, bringing together leaders of big online communities with government organisations and the agencies who work on its behalf.

We had a lovely venue but owing to organisational changes, they’re not able to lend us their space now. So we’re looking for a big room in central London (ideally capacity 70+) for an afternoon, ideally in early October. If it’s near the Victoria/Westminster/Strand area that would be the icing on the cake!

If you can help we’d love to hear from you!

UPDATE: we found one! Thanks DECC

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